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package Germany Austria, Netherlands
Luxembourg, Belgium

up 3 kg

5,00 EUR

 13-14,00 EUR

3 up 10 kg

8,00 EUR

 15-17,00 EUR

10 up 20 kg

15,00 EUR

18- 23,00 EUR

Islands surcharge of 23.00 EUR

Prices for international shipping upon request

Shipment occur exclusive at the buyers risk. Special shipment wished by our customers will be added.

Informationen to the delivery time

 The delivery time, notified in the online shop, is only for the shipment in space of Germany..

Costs and delivery time for foreign shipment on application

Information to calculate the delivery date

The time limit for shipment beginns with the payment percash in advanced with the day placing the pament order.For other payment agreements it beginns the day after contract and ends with the last day of the time limit. Is the last day a Saturday, Sunday or official holiday so is the deadline on the next working day.

Notification for order of items with different delivery dates:

If you have ordered items with different delivery dates , we will send the goods together if nothing else is agreed. In this case the longest delivery time of one of the articles is guilty. 

Notification of delivery dates for order of custom made articles :

For custom made articles we will inform you on application.

Shipment only on buyer´s risk. Special delivery methods will be charged extra.