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Trapezius Relief Pad (TRP) Trapezius Relief Pad (TRP)
The new Trapezius Relief Pad (TRP) was developed by the dressage trainer Eberhard Weiß and perfected in close collaboration with Passier for launching on the market. The TRP distinguishes itself from conventional pads by means of the two...
Coating for Trapezius Relief Pad (TRP) Coating for Trapezius Relief Pad (TRP)
coating for TRP, color black
Leder-Steigbügelriemen Passier Leder-Steigbügelriemen Passier
Steigbügelriemen. Die Steigbügelriemen aus der Passier Exclusive Line werden aus ausgewähltem, vorgestrecktem deutschen Rindleder genäht und behalten deshalb ihre ursprüngliche Länge bei. Die gebogenen Edelstahlschnallen passen sich dem...
Passier Curved Leather Saddle Girth, Long Style Passier Curved Leather Saddle Girth, Long Style
The curved leather saddle girth has elastic ends on both sides, a D-ring in the middle by means of which to attach the breastplate and a D-ring on each side for the auxiliary reins.
Saddle Girth leather- Passier Saddle Girth leather- Passier
The saddle girth with a very curved form for elbow freedom and well set-back buckles is particularly suitable for horses with a very forward natural girth position. See -> here (pdf 1,6 MB) for instructions about how to care the device.