About us

Our company was founded in 1983 as a saddlery for equestrian sports.

We see ourselves as a service provider for professional equestrian equipment.
Since 1983 appreciation, loyalty and a cordial customer support is an elementary part of our company philosophy.
We are actively seeking to promote a corporate landscape and society marked by mutual respect and appreciation.
We try to establish trust through comprehensive and individual consultations, and thus to offer assistance in making personal decisions.
We are looking after our equestrian and horses from an individual perspective to provide the best service for each customer.
We are looking into several options in cooperation with the equestrian to fulfil the customer requirements Traditional handcraft is the basis to obtain the best results.
The dialog with veterinarian, alternative practitioner and other therapists is very important to us and supports and complements the activities.
Based on our huge experience, that we reached in the last couple of years, we are able to provide a professional, flexible and experienced service.
Through several further educations we ensure a high quality standard of our work.
We thank our customers and partners for the confidence. This is our daily motivation to give our best.